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MSIP Technician (PM Shift) Jobs - Breslau, (ON)

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Company Name: Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd.
Location: Breslau, ON
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Production
Pay: Competitive - Salary View All Jobs at Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd.
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MSIP Technician (PM Shift) - Job Description


Reporting to the FSQA Supervisor, The Modernized Slaughter Inspection Program (MSIP) Technician is responsible for maintaining, verifying and monitoring a written MSIP program in accordance with CFIA MSIP requirements and maintaining a written employee MSIP training and accreditation program. Other responsibilities include communicating effectively with CFIA and FSQA Supervisor to ensure that the Company meets or exceeds regulatory compliance as well as training/coaching employees.


  • Perform all routine MSIP testing according to MSIP program.
  • Prepare the MSIP random testing schedules
  • Lot identification on the kill floor during shift
  • Communicate effectively with CFIA, FSQA Supervisor, Kill Supervisor, Lead Hands, Check Trim Operators and cooler employees, if any rework is required or if there is any issue in the MSIP process.
  • Perform Correlation tests with CFIA inspectors
  • Perform MSIP rework monitoring
  • Perform accurate documentation of tests performed and results obtained
  • Address any concerns to FSQA Supervisor, Kill floor, Supervisor and Lead Hand
  • Perform test documentation reviews and assist in the investigation of non-conformances and test failures
  • Complete the MSIP checklists and record any deviations and related corrective actions
  • Maintain an orderly filing system for MSIP documents
  • Assist with training necessary individuals (as back up) and fully implement MSIP policies and procedures
  • Performs in house CVS tasks
  • Adhere to all FSQA and Company policies and procedures including Health and Safety
  • Any other duties as assigned
  • Laboratory duties:
  • coli testing -plating and counting the plates as required
  • Salmonella testing- 55 days per year
  • Plating environmental and area swabs, counting all the plates and recording the results on the logs as required.
  • Sampling collection and submission for export testing (external lab)
  • Blood quality test
    • 2 times per day
    • Record and communicate the results
  • Food Safety and Quality Assurance responsibilities:
    • CCP's monitoring (CCP3 and CCP4)
    • Dibac testing
    • Prepare and update the following:
      • Weekly MSIP test results
    • Assist with Special Projects relative to FSQA department's needs:
      • Water retention - minimum yearly or as required
      • Shrink test - As required
      • Collecting special products such as hearts for research purposes
      • Recording of data and statistical analysis of results
    • Humane Hog Handling
      • Barn logbook
      • Barn audits- weekly
      • Induction monitoring
      • Sensibility Audit
      • Ensure conformance with all FSQA, BRC and CFIA requirements
      • Maintain regular and positive relationship with CFIA
      • Liaison with CFIA in ensuring compliance with regulatory and MSIP program
      • Implement MSIP training program, provide training and coaching MSIP back employees/Kill detection employees
      • Meet regularly with FSQA Supervisor (1-1 process)
      • Assist in full implementation of MSIP policies and procedures
      • Assist with food safety training and educational programs - translation, graphs, pictures, drawings and etc.


  • A post-secondary diploma with a specialization in HACCP, GMPs, and Food Safety.
  • Knowledge of Humane Hog Handling
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to use a computer and intermediate knowledge of MS-Office software
  • Able to interact in a professional manner
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Good inter-personnel skills
  • Understanding of the MSIP program and ability to perform various MSIP tests would be an asset
  • Active participant in all continuous MSIP training and activities

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