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Food Safety & Quality Assurance (FSQA) Supervisor - PM Shift Jobs - Breslau, (ON)

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Company Name: Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd.
Location: Breslau, ON
Employment Type: Full Time
Pay: Salary View All Jobs at Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd.
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Food Safety & Quality Assurance (FSQA) Supervisor - PM Shift - Job Description


Reporting to the Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager, the FSQA Supervisor is responsible for maintaining and managing Conestoga Meats' FSQA, BRC, and HACCP programs to ensure they meet or exceed the standards. The FSQA Supervisor will focus on maintaining FSQA presence on the production floor to carry out observations, inspections, reviews, analyze any discrepancies, and support rectifying any issues. This role will also look after facilitating on-going training as required, supervising, and directing all salary and hourly FSQA employees, supporting the compliance of our BRC program/audits, serving as a customer liaison, and investigating and addressing any customer (internal and external) complaints.


  • Monitoring and verification
    • Ensure critical control points (CCPs) and prerequisite elements are monitored and documented and initiate corrective action as per plant BRC/HACCP Programs.
    • Monitor and enforce Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are being followed throughout the plant and DC.
    • Review and analyze, environmental and area ATP swab results, and follow up to ensure problems are rectified in collaboration with Production and Sanitation.
    • Support the Sanitation Specialist with the compliance and verification of our Sanitation Program.
    • Verify CCP's, prerequisite, BRC and HACCP documents and records.
    • Conduct on-site observation for pre-requisite monitors, CCP operators, monitors and verifiers.
    • Support the Sanitation Specialist conducting daily pre-operational inspections.
    • Conduct building inspections and follow-up with Maintenance or Facilities for corrective measures.
    • Collaborate with the Maintenance Manager on ensuring that the Food Safety PM program is completed as per schedule.

  • Sanitation liaison
    • Support the Sanitation Specialist with all swab testing, and swabbing reports.
    • Communicate swab results with Production and FSQA.
    • Follow-up on corrective action with the Sanitation Specialist for deviations.
    • Follow up on pre-operational inspection records for corrective actions.

  • Food Safety Team
    • Participate in food safety team meetings.
    • Lead the internal BRC audits and audit team.
    • Conduct regular 1-1s and performance evaluations to all direct reports.

  • Liaison with CFIA inspection team
    • Compliance with all CFIA CVS requirements.
      • Ensure the establishment and products comply with applicable legislation for CVS.
      • Provide assistance to CFIA inspection staff when carrying out CVS tasks.
    • Conduct follow-up on CVS reports to address issues.
    • Taking immediate corrective action when there is any non-compliance situation.
  • Direct Reports
    • Supervise and direct all salary and hourly FSQA employees.
    • Maintain up-to-date job descriptions for each direct report.

  • GMP and HACCP Training
    • On-going training for current employees, operators, lead hands and supervisors.
      • GMP training
      • BRC training
      • FSQA and SOP's training
      • CVS task related re-training
    • Maintain up-to-date training records

  • Microbiology Lab/Research Technician Students
    • Maintain & direct all activities in the Microbiology lab.
      • Train all students, QA technician, FSQA personnel.
      • Direct all shelf-life testing, product testing, competitor's product testing.
      • Order and maintain lab supplies.
    • Manage the third party laboratories for results reporting, sample deliveries, service agreements, presumptive positives, etc.
  • Shelf-life Program
    • Responsible for direction and evaluation of shelf-life testing.
    • Review of testing data and product performance.
    • Investigate and trouble shoot issues for improvements in shelf-life/product performance (e.g. shelf-life mapping, antimicrobial interventions).
    • Shelf-life testing of new product or new/modified processes.
  • Customer liaison
    • Responsible for customer requests (e.g. letter of guarantee, questionnaires).
    • Customer audits (e.g. plant tour, documentation, corrective action and follow-up).
    • Complaint investigation & document response with Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
    • Follow up on short term and long-term corrective action plans.
    • Involved with development/implementation of new products or processes.

  • Returned product
    • Inspect the returned product
      • Communicate with Sales Department and/or senior management if required.
      • Follow up with production supervisors
    • Determine the disposition or rework of returned product and complete the documentation in a timely manner.

  • Product Inspection
    • Maintain Balanced Score Card auditing program.
    • Review Balance Score Card auditing results and product performance.
    • Follow-up with Production Supervisors for improvement of product performance.
  • Keep the FSQA Manager informed on all aspects of areas of responsibility.
  • Meet regularly with the FSQA Manager.
  • Assist FSQA Manager with third party audits (BRC, CFIA, etc.), and foreign country audits.
  • Develop and review personal development plan ensuring that personal goals are met as well as goals that support the key initiatives of the organization.

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